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Robert Ramskill

Composer and Arranger

TIME/DATE                          VENUE                     PERFORMERS                     WORK

7.30 p.m.                                     COVENTRY CATHEDRAL          THE COVENTRY YOUTH            CHRISTMAS LULLABIES

13/12/2014                                      1 HILL TOP, COVENTRY         ORCHESTRA conducted       for ORCHESTRA (world

                                                           CV1 5AB                              by BRIAN CHAPPELL                      premiere)


7.30 p.m.                                     COVENTRY CATHEDRAL               THE ST. MICHAELS’            CAROL – I HEARD THE

13/12/2014                                  1 HILL TOP, COVENTRY         SINGERS conducted by            BELLS ON CHRISTMAS

                                                            CV1 5AB                    PAUL LEDDINGTON WRIGHT                     DAY

5.25 p.m.                                          BBC 1 TELEVISION           SONGS OF PRAISE CHOIRS       LONG AGO, PROPHETS

21/12/2014                                        (THE CHRISTMAS             AND ORCHESTRA conducted       KNEW   

                                                                BIG SING)              by PAUL LEDDINGTON WRIGHT   

1.00 p.m.                                         HOLY TRINITY CHURCH            JULIAN HELLABY                   PIANO PRELUDES in

21/12/2015                                         5A PRIORY ROW                          (PIANO)                        D minor, B major                                                         COVENTRY, CV1 5EX                     and C minor                    


7.30 p.m.                                             TOWN HAL, UPPER               SUTTON COLDFIELD                   ANNIVERSARY

13/12/2015                                       CLIFTON RD., SUTTON           ORCHESTRA conducted by       OVERTURE (world

                                   COLDFIELD, B73 6AB             MALCOLM GOLDRING                    premiere)